Thursday, November 29, 2007


I forgot to put this up last week. This is kinda like what my Thanksgiving was like. I got to see my dog, ride horses and hang out with friends.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dog Sitting!!!

Send 'em my way...I can't resist!

The men in underwear, I mean, not the puppies. (hah hah)

In other news, I had fun "photographizing" today. No racing for me this weekend.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


That's what Sunday's race was for me. I wasn't going to race because I was going to be working all day. But then, as a fluke, I didn't have anything to do at work for a few hours. It was perfect timing. I had just enought time to race home, grab my bike, drive the 30 minutes to the race, get my number pinned on and turn the pedals for a few minutes before my start. (Thanks to Jesse and John for getting me going!)

Then there was the race:

As soon as I finished my last lap of the race, I got back in my car, stopped at a friend's house for a shower on the way back to work, and was at work 3 hours after I left.

I didn't even know how I placed.

I've asked myself several times why I did it. There's no prize money in my catagory. I'm not in contention for series leader. The actual fact of pushing your body that hard for 40 minutes of strenuous work is just painful. I really had absolutely nothing to gain from it. So what the hell? Are we bike racers just a little bit crazy? Anyone? Bueller?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Speaking of Women...

anyone into cheerleaders? Or are they too skinny to be sexy? You decide.

Friday, November 2, 2007

My Monthly Update (heh, heh, I know it should be Daily)

Sorry to have left everyone hanging about the "new girl in town", but unfortunately she was gone almost as soon as she got here. Luckily I have her bike as collateral. I'll let you guys know (Alex, JMcK) when she gets back on the condition that you guys jump right on it/her (ha ha). Oh, check out the previous blog-I was able to add a picture of her. Because blogs are meant to be a completely honest, truthful, and fully complete account of life right?

In cycling news, I went for my first "worthy" ride yesterday in a long time. I've been working a lot and kinda let my post-race-season break turn into a mega slack fest. So finally I did a ride longer than 1 1/2 hrs of "easy and fun". Not that I rode hard, which I definitely didn't, but at least it was for 5 hours. I headed up to the top of GMR from my house, and back.I had to ignore the "forest closed" signs due to the fire danger, but I knew that in the current condition I'm in, I wouldn't be able to pedal fast enough to generate sparks flying off the back of my wheels and light a new forest fire. Although that would've been pretty cool. (Not the fire.)

So today, my knees are creaking like they have arthritis. I probably should've eased into the longer rides instead of shocking my legs. Oh, well, they'll get over it. And they better get used to it!

On another note, pretty soon I'll have the complete women's kit for the Subie Fisher team! For those of you who don't know, it's pink, yellow, brown, and awesome. I got the jersey from Jon a few months ago, and now he will be mailing me the shorts. (By the way, this kit is completely exclusive since they didn't make any for sale, only a few were made for the 3 or 4 team pros. I really hope I don't look like a poser!)

Heather sure knows how to wear it!