Friday, May 2, 2008

Lyle's Hair

I think it's about time that I officially comment on Lyle's hair. I get numerous questions about how I feel about his current style as his wife and if I can't wait until he cuts it. (Like that even matters.)

Admittedly, the first time he ever grew the horseshoe mustache several years ago, I was embarrassed. But with the mullet and mustache, I've had a complete change of heart. Just think about it this way: chances are, you have a clean-cut, average hairstyle, or know of plenty of people who do. Now, how often do you get stopped in the street by a stranger who just HAS to tell you "I like your style, man"; or how often do you get invited for free margaritas and beers by a stranger (probably because having someone so cool looking at a party would up the status of it); and how often do you find out that two models were arguing about how hot your hair was after you left. I'm pretty sure probably none of that has happened to you. Don't you think that makes life a little more fun and a little more interesting?

Lately, with the summer heat moving in Lyle has been considering doing a "Pedro" move and giving it the chop. But, considering the above reasons, instead of looking forward to the day when I will have a normal looking, hansom husband again, I tell him not to do it. I'd rather have a awesomely radical looking husband with redneck hair who is liable at any moment to go blow something up just for the fun of it, or possibly go pick a fight with Chuck Norris just to show him who's boss. Wouldn't you?

So, his boldness on style piqued my curiousity and I decided to try it out with this hat (not like it comes close to the amazingness of his style).And guess what--it paid off! Just after this picture was taken, we were walking to our car in Old Town (Pasadena) when a valet parking attendant asked me where I was from. So, I was obviously standing out from the crowd or he wouldn't have even noticed. I told him I was from LA and he said he thought we must be tourists and that the hat was a dead give-away. Great Success! Maybe I should hire Lyle as my fashion adviser.

By the way, props to Team Bearclaw for knowing the definition of STYLE.

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