Thursday, September 6, 2007

An Attempt at Redemption

I know it's pretty unspeakable how lax I've been at keeping this blog up to date. So, here's a quick post to try to redeem myself to any slight degree. It might have never happened except then I found out people actually READ my blog. (Brian, thanks for the nudge.)

I'm not even going to try to bring you up to date from the last blog because since then, we raced in North Carolina, then came home briefly for a race in Altadena, then Colorado, then came home again only to turn around and head out for the Strawberry Music Festival in Yosemite. We're finally home for a civilized amount of time. I think we don't even have to go out of town until the holidays. Yay! (Don't get me wrong--this summer has been awesome!) Since pictures tell a pretty good story, I'm just going to dump a bunch in the blog to save on words.

Here goes:

I know funny pictures and story is way more interesting to some of you than clouds and trees, but since this is MY blog, and I happened to find the scenery amazing in Colorado, that's what you're gettin'.
Snowmass Village, Colorado:

A little end of season fun:


Cherry Lake (just last weekend):

I can't guarantee new posts right away unless something interesting happens and I'm inspired. That's my disclaimer.