Sunday, June 29, 2008

Birthday Bash

We went tubing on the Kern for my 27th! It was pretty awesome:

This section of the river tried to eat us up but luckily a few of us made it out alive.

Unfortunately, there were some who were not so lucky:

Here are the survivors gazing over their conquered territory:

I asked the guys to strike the manliest pose they could. I think Lyle takes first place with the expression on his face. (He is quite competitive.)

We went white water rafting too, but a camera didn't make it onto the boat for your viewing pleasure.

Today (a week later), we attempted to go scuba diving. I got part way out from the beach when a particularly vicious wave with the mistaken identity of a washing machine scooped me up and battered me around as if it were trying to take out a particularly nasty stain. All it succeeded in taking out was my mask and snorkel, abruptly ending my dive right then. With that size wave, there was no chance of seeing the mask again. So, until next time. And now you are updated on the most recent this's and that's and whatchamahooza's of my life.