Thursday, September 4, 2008


It's been weeks since I put up the poll on Lyle's hair, and according to the number of votes so far, I have reason to believe that no more than 2 people read my blog. For all I know, it's one person who voted twice. So, if you do read my blog, would you mind taking half a second to vote for me? Then I will know that I am not just writing to myself. :) ------>


  1. Brooke.

    I am in AZ with Mafia Racing. Im lookin for Lyle. I lost his email, looks like you update your blog more than him...can you have him email me. I want to get info on racing Dam Cross this November...thx.

  2. Hey Brooke I feel so unappreciated as your #3 fan!!!!! :(

    I don't think you appreciate us few people.


  3. My hair is fantastic.
    Was fantastic.
    It is (partially) gone now.

  4. Hey brooke i met you climbing up to lower brown and ran into you again on a tuesday with Banners tuesday ride up to lower brown down to El Prieto!(BTW Im Peter) You are one fast chick and i think much faster than all my buddies! Hell yeah props to you! Keep rocking that crank! I recently picked up a bike and am training so that maybe i can do the naked crow challenge!I've been trying to keep up with banner but you guys are Hammer heads! i think i might need a lighter bike! well ill be out there every tuesday with those guys training! Good luck!